Get the App That Helps You to Proscribe to Trump’s Businesses

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Americans have accepted the fact that Donald Trump has won the Presidential Elections of the United States of America. However, that does not imply by any means that we proud citizens of America must agree with everything that he endorses and stands for.

Is every one of you trying to keep away from investing your finances in the businesses and establishments that are supportive of Donald Trump, the President-elect? Or are anyone of you wrongly involved in the election of the President to the White House? Of course, there may be many such people but may not know what to do.

Boycott Trump App

 For the likes of you that are not happy with the situation in the United States of America, there is help at hand in the form of an app- Boycott Trump.

DCAT, short for Democratic Coalition against Trump, is a huge anti-Trump organization based in New York, USA. The DCAT has made this app- Boycott Trump- and it can be downloaded for free by anyone, on their Smart Phone. It can be availed on your android phones via the Google Play and iPhone or iPad via the iTunes. With this app you can search for the databases of more than 250 companies and know whether they have a connection with Donald Trump, the president of the United States of America.

The makers of the app have found several prestigious businesses that are affiliated with or are supportive to Trump directly or indirectly. Going through all of this may leave you surprised to say the least. Are you ready for this surprise?

Launching of the app- Boycott Trump- is the first step toward a campaign started to boycott Trump. The app includes a unified movement at the grassroots that will focus on holding both the individuals and the businesses alike that in any way help or support Trump as accountable. You should give it a try and give your opinion frankly, if you really endorse and support this campaign.


Empowering your voice

Nate Lemer, Executive Director of DCAT, while talking to Huffington Post, an American opinion and news website, was found saying that this particular campaign was about empowerment. The aim of launching an app of this kind was to give the citizens of America a chance and a platform to voice their disapproval on the election of Trump as president. While using anything digital people are concerned about safety. This is a productive and a safe way of posting their opinion. In his strong disapproval, he was also of the opinion that though the people of America are bound to accept Trump as their president they need not approve of, accept or agree with everything that Donald Trump stands for.


Huge campaign

Several people are following and are supportive of this democratic coalition against trump campaign. Their number is rising and has reached a massive 150,000. It is one of the largest campaigns ever launched in this category. The users of an iPhone can check for the details of this app on iTunes while the android users can do the same on Google Play for the details.

You will know how some of the big American companies are directly connected to Trump by using this app. You can download the latest version, as the previous one that was affected by a few bugs has been fixed and a newer version is made available.

Many companies, organizations and communities are afraid they may face some kind of hardships once the pair of Trump and Pence- the vice president of America- comes to power. So if you wish to support such people and companies you can go approach a few groups like Lambda Legal, Planned Parenthood and more that may find your help, time and support quite handy.

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