15 Best Android Apps Of 2017

person Madison Hansonfolder_openBlogaccess_time September 18, 2017

2017 is well on its way towards the second half. There have been ups and downs in the world of technology and apps. If you ever set about to wonder which were the best apps of this year, here is the list.

  1. ExpressVPN: this is an age where wifi is being made available to the people in public areas like bus terminals, railway stations, airports, major shopping complexes, etc. You never know if they are truly safe or not. You wouldn’t want to risk losing you data to figure that out! This app has a broad bandwidth and helps keep your device and data secure.
  2. 1Weather: This app gives you the accurate weather report. It has a live radar and gives you predictions as well. It has been a helpful app to many people.
  3. BlueMail: it has been by far the best app to maintain and organize all your mails. It is easy to sort and segregate all your important mails from the unwanted junk mails and spams.
  4. Google Drive: has been an all time favorite ever since it was released. It has a wide range of functions. You can store anything, right from your photos, videos, dates, calendars, notes, and much more. All data that can be stored in digital format can be stored in your google drive. All you have to do is create an account. A large space is given for storage. All google applications like maps, Microsoft office files, etc. can be stored here.
  5. Google Maps: The most popular and commonly used map app to find locations and directions is Google Maps. It is better than the other apps due to its fine details and accuracy levels to the extent of a few meters. It has precise locations all over the world, even from the smallest villages and corners of the country.
  6. Google Now and Google Assistant: Just like iOS has Siri and Windows has Cortana, Google has a voice activated assistant called Google now. Its voice recognition sensitivity is very high and the responses are instantaneous. The device itself can be used just by voice activation and commands.
  7. Google Play Music: Unlike other apps, this app is completely up to date and has high quality audio and video available. It can be used to stream live audio and video by using minimal data but maximum quality. Songs and vidoes form all languages and regions are available.
  8. LetPass Password Manager: is one of the most secure apps that lets you save your passwords on your devices without having to login and logout of your device each time. This is highly secure and encrypted so that your passwords will not be compromised, lost or stolen.
  9. Nova Launcher: Each Operating System has its own launcher. Nova Launcher has carved a niche for itself in the market. It come with the unique ability of being able to save you home screen settings and can be backed up or restores as and when you wish.
  10. Pocket Casts: This app deals with the download and management of podcasts. You can stream live or an old one. You also have the option of downloading and managing podcasts that are available.
  11. Solid Explorer: Is a file exploring app that helps you browse through files stored on your phone or memory card. They can be re arranged, deleted or organized into folders.
  12. Swift Key: is the most popularly used swipe keyboard on android devices.
  13. Tasker: helps to manage tasks and background applications being run on your phone.
  14. Textra: is a messaging app that lets you share media and messages with emojis.
  15. Wunderlust: is the best app to manage your to-do-list. It is easy to manage on your android device and is easily accessible.
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