What Makes Google Photos an Awesome App?

person Madison Hansonfolder_openBlogaccess_time September 14, 2017

In the recent times, smartphones have become a very integral part of our life and from iPhones to android devices, we have various options to choose from. These phones have such an addictive quality in them because of their apps and of course, the camera. The one app that really stands out and has surpassed all my expectations is Google Photos.

This app was originally developed for the company’s social media platform, Google+. Google+ could not compete with Facebook and make its mark, but google photos was an incredibly powerful app, therefore, it became a standalone app. This amazing app works extremely well on all the devices and it probably is one of the best apps when it comes to the photo/video storage.

Like any other normal person, I am also obsessed with taking several photos, of almost anything and everything through my phone camera and I either post it on various social media platforms or send it to friends and family or it just sits there doing nothing, in my gallery folder! The only other time I usually take notice of them is when I run out of storage.

Sometimes what happens is that either an important photo gets deleted or I don’t feel like deleting any. This is where Google Photos comes into play. This amazing app is free and provides unlimited storage where the photos get stored in a reduced quality. If you wanted them stored at the original quality, you get 20 GB free storage for the same, but the compressed quality is almost incredible. So, you mostly don’t require that 20 GB. When you take a photo, it automatically gets stored in the cloud with the help of the internet. If there is no internet, no worries, when your phone gets connected to one, it backs up automatically.

The best thing about this app is, it does its job efficiently without bothering you nor slows your phone down. The only thing that this app asks me, periodically, is whether or not I want to delete the original photos to free up the storage space. I, usually grab that opportunity because freeing up the storage space is a common struggle I go through and this app really comes in handy, even when it comes to giving me some space.

You might feel a little bad about losing those originals, but come on, all your photos, even the silly ones are available for you anytime online. This app is basically a life saver. You can access your google photos through the web as well and whenever you switch phones, all your photos will be with you as soon as you download the app.

Google photos also helps you create a video or GIF of all your best photos. For instance, if you take bursts of photos of a special moment, this awesome app chooses the best ones from the burst and turns it into a cool clip. Great, isn’t it? This is definitely a must have app.


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